Thursday, July 3, 2014


Since it took me 8 months to finish getting Roxanne's photos posted from her wedding, I thought I'd try to beat my record and get Rachel's reception photos posted in 5 months. But even though I started this post within 5 months of their wedding, I am completing it at the 8 month mark.  Sad.  Anyway, I'm enjoying looking at all the photos again and reliving a very fun event with a beautiful bride and a wonderful new son-in-law.

Rachel and Kyle's reception was held out in Glendale at Saguaro Ranch Park.  It ended up being a great venue.  There was a long path from the parking lot to the building that we lined with candles and strung some lights along the porch posts. I'm just going to post random pictures of the decorations and the events of the evening.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

family home evening suggestions

Home Evening Suggestions (found in a box that fallen behind the TV years ago) Apparently, as the kids were getting older, we were getting bored with our standard issue Family Home Evenings. There were slips of paper with ideas listed. I suppose we were going to draw out an activity idea if we were drawing a blank for the week.  From the handwriting, it looks like Brady had already moved away from home at this point, so these are the ideas of  Dave and the girls. Apparently someone (ahem, . . . Melanie) didn't understand the budget / time issue we were willing to invest on a Monday evening activity.
Play Guitar Hero
Get a beach house for a weekend and learn to surf
Learn a Michael Jackson Song (the dance)
Learn a song on our own instruments and play them together, for example Guitar, Clarinet, Trumpet, Drums, Piano
Tic Tac Toe Tournament
Walk down to Ocotillo and back
Go to Mexico!!  woooo!!
Sing an unfamiliar hymn out of the hymn book. Find the most obscure one.
Design our backyard
Learn a song in 4 part harmony and sing it together
Go see something cool -Circus  -Cirque du Soleil  -Blue Man Group
Drive the the top of South Mountain for refreshments
Play "Scene It"
Do an art class together, have Rachel teach us to draw a horse
Try Dogfood  :)
Go to Steele Indian School Park. Do the Circle walk.
Play "Left Hand Lawyer"
Prepare artwork for display and hang it.
Go out to eat.
Go to a concert
Go to Granada Park, take Lexi
Go to the lake (with another family . . . who owns a boat)
Go to Sea World. Or San Diego
Go outside and play with Lexi
Praise Melanie (make her a smoothie)

Monday, February 10, 2014

wedding luncheon

Lauri is often my favorite sister. She does so many nice things for me.  Lauri hosted a beautiful luncheon on Rachel's wedding day.  It is always nice and inviting to go in her house anyway, but for her to go to great lengths to make our day extra special is so amazing.
Between the temple services in the morning, and the reception in the evening, we had a whole bunch of hungry people. Lauri served adorable boxed lunches. Look how cute they turned out.  I'm missing some photos, I know I had a photo of how they were displayed, all stacked up and labeled so cute.

 I had a few pictures of some of the guests too, but I'm not finding them right now, but here are a couple of cute guests (Debbie and Garry have some adorable granddaughters), and a sleepy guest.  It is nice to get a chance to rest for a minute on a busy day.

wedding morning

Rachel and Kyle were married in the Mesa AZ Temple.  I couldn't have been happier. That is where Dave and I were married, and where my parents were married. (by the way, if you happen to be reading this and are not familiar with the LDS Temple, it is a religious, reverent, sacred ceremony, and we save all the celebratory photos for outside the temple)  It was a beautiful day, threatening to rain, but it didn't, just gave us a beautiful day for photos. 

 Friends and family stepped out of the temple first, then comes the bride and groom --
 let the celebration begin!

 A little brotherly love.

  Rachel and Kyle's friends and family at the temple. Trying to organize everyone becomes quite a task.

 With Peggy and Wayne Watkins (Grandma and Grandpa)

 Rachel's family - except for a few that had to rush of to get a head start on the luncheon (Thank you, Lauri)

 Rachel's Cousins

 Kyle's friends and family

 Kyle's Mom, Joan

  Rachel and her Bridesmaids

 Kyle and his Groomsmen

 Our 4 kids with spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends

 I asked Deann to take a picture of everyone because they all looked so beautiful today.


Our new Family of Eight !!